Lose Weight, Don't Add Work

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Can an infrared sauna help with my weight loss program?

Lose Weight, Don't Add Work

A far infrared sauna is a great way to help lose weight without the extra work. Far infrared saunas are able to burn as much as 400 to 600 calories within 30 minutes. Compare it to the typical calories burned by a 150 pound person during an hour of exercise:

  • 600 - Strenuous Rowing
  • 590 - Running
  • 510 - Racquetball
  • 300 - Swimming
  • 300 - Jogging
  • 225 - Biking
  • 150 - Golfing or Walking
  • 120 - Bowling
If you are searching for more ways to lose weight then consider adding an infrared sauna to your program. Thirty minutes in an infrared sauna is roughly equivalent to running two to three miles.

Combined with the other health benefits such as increased circulation and detoxification, the full health benefits of an infrared sauna make it a great option for weight loss!



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