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How can a steam room benefit you?

Benefits Of A Steam Room

A steam room from AromaSteam or a steam shower from Scandia can provide multiple benefits to its users. The main benefit, however, is hyperthermia, which aids the body in detoxification.

By creating an “artificial fever,” steam rooms and steam baths elevate the body's temperature, which in turn speeds up metabolism and blood flow. This increased metabolism and blood flow stimulates muscles, getting them to release stored toxins. The environment is responsible for exposing your body to toxins like heavy metals and chemicals, and your health benefits from these toxins being released.

Detoxification can help the endocrine, immune, and cardiovascular system, among others. It increases blood flow and can also help with respiratory problems. Other benefits of steam rooms include detoxifying skin and calorie burning.

Browse the models of steam baths and steam showers available at to get started on your detoxification today.

How do you select a steam generator for your steam room?

Steam Generators

When installing a steam room, the steam generator is the most important piece of equipment you'll select. There are several models of steam generators available from by MrSteam. Consider the following guidelines when selecting your MrSteam steam generator for your steam room.

• How large is your steam room? A larger, more powerful steam generator will power a larger room, and vice versa. Make sure you carefully measure and figure out the cubic feet of your steam room before selecting a steam generator. The models of MrSteam steam generators available have easy-to-use guides on how large a steam room they should be installed in

• What is your steam room made of? Different building materials may require larger generators. For example, fiberglass and cultured marble require smaller generators than porcelain tile

• How much do you want to spend? Steam generators can fluctuate wildly in price, but they all get the job done. Figure out a budget and let that help guide you also offers a steam generator calculator, where you can input figures like the size and construction materials of your steam room and it will tell you what you need. Check it out or talk to an expert to help find your perfect steam generator from MrSteam.

What are portable steam cabinets?

Portable Steam Cabinets

If you are interested in having a steam room in your house but don't want to install a special dedicated steam room or steam shower, a portable steam cabinet by AromaSteam may be the answer for you.

A portable steam cabinet from AromaSteam is available from and is somewhat more budget-friendly than standard steam room installations. The AromaSteam steam cabinets don't require any special plumbing or ventilation, making them easy to install anywhere in your house.

The AromaSteam portable steam cabinets are made for one person, and the steam and temperature reaches the same heights as in a standard steam room. They are easy to set up, and you can break them down and take them with you in the case you'd ever move from your house.

How can you use aromatherapy in your steam room?

Aromatherapy In The Steam Room

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to relax and rejuvenate your body, and an AromaSteam steam room is a great place to use it.

To practice aromatherapy in your AromaSteam steam room, all you need to do is put a few drops of essential oils in the aromatherapy-equipped steam head. The scent of eucalyptus or lavender will diffuse throughout the steam room in no time.

AromaSteam steam rooms even come with two bottles of essential oils, and more oil is available for purchase on

How do you select steam room accessories?

Selecting Steam Room Accessories

Once your steam room is all finished, you can accessorize it just like any other room in the house. offers several different kind of steam room accessories to make your steam bath more enjoyable.

When selecting steam room accessories, such as towel warmers, towel racks, and speakers, keep the following guidelines in mind:

• Is the accessory made for a steam room? Some accessories are designed for saunas, and won't stand up to the constant steam in a steam room. For example, there are lights available for steam rooms on, as well as lights for saunas. Make sure you select the right kind

• What will make your experience more enjoyable? Rather than rushing out and buying accessories as soon as your steam room is finished, wait a little while and use your steam room first. Jot down ideas for accessories as they come to you, and then prioritize the accessories you'd like to have

• Will the accessory be useful for everyone who uses the steam room? If you are the sole user of the steam room, then go crazy – whatever you want in the way of accessories is fine. If the whole family uses the steam room, try to figure out which accessories will be the most useful to the most number of people

Visit for lighting, speakers, and other accessories for your custom steam room.

What kinds of commercial steam generators are available at

Commercial Steam Generators offers MrSteam commercial steam generators in addition to MrSteam residential steam generators, if you are installing a steam room that will get a lot of use in a public place.

Resorts, athletic clubs, and other health facilities often use steam rooms for the relaxation and therapy of their guests, and they often pick MrSteam commercial steam generators. There are several different models of MrSteam commercial steam generators available on, and a model to fit your steam room is surely available.

Timers and automatic blow-down systems for use with the MrSteam commercial steam generators are also available, as are aromatherapy attachments. Talk to the experts at to help you select your commercial MrSteam steam generator.

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