Selecting Steam Room Accessories

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How do you select steam room accessories?

Selecting Steam Room Accessories

Once your steam room is all finished, you can accessorize it just like any other room in the house. offers several different kind of steam room accessories to make your steam bath more enjoyable.

When selecting steam room accessories, such as towel warmers, towel racks, and speakers, keep the following guidelines in mind:

• Is the accessory made for a steam room? Some accessories are designed for saunas, and won't stand up to the constant steam in a steam room. For example, there are lights available for steam rooms on, as well as lights for saunas. Make sure you select the right kind

• What will make your experience more enjoyable? Rather than rushing out and buying accessories as soon as your steam room is finished, wait a little while and use your steam room first. Jot down ideas for accessories as they come to you, and then prioritize the accessories you'd like to have

• Will the accessory be useful for everyone who uses the steam room? If you are the sole user of the steam room, then go crazy – whatever you want in the way of accessories is fine. If the whole family uses the steam room, try to figure out which accessories will be the most useful to the most number of people

Visit for lighting, speakers, and other accessories for your custom steam room.



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