Far Infrared Sauna for Health and Fun

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What sauna rules should be followed?

Far Infrared Sauna for Health and Fun

One of the hottest trends in home relaxation is the new far infrared sauna; not only a great enhancement to your real estate investment, an infrared sauna assures your home will be the most popular on the block during those summer swim parties or winter get-togethers!

Many countries throughout the world have long enjoyed the health and social benefits of the sauna but with the advent of far infrared saunas, Americans are finally catching on. Use these quick tips to assure everyone enjoys the sauna experience safely.

1. Make sure everyone knows their limitations. Although saunas are typically very safe and provide a myriad of health benefits, there are some people who should not participate in a sauna.

2. Don't mix infrared saunas with alcohol or heavy meals! If you are going to serve a large dinner, cookout or alcohol, do so after the sauna. Remember, a sauna causes a person to sweat so alcohol can increase the chance of dehydration.

3. Have people remove their metal jewelry and restrictive clothing.



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