How to Buy the Perfect Home Sauna

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How to decide on a sauna

How to Buy the Perfect Home Sauna

Buying a home sauna can be a great investment for your home and health. Not only does a home sauna provide the health benefits of increased circulation, detoxification and the overall feeling of well-being, but the resale value of your home may actually increase.

The hustle and bustle of modern day life has led more people than ever to desire the spa experience in their own home. One of the most popular new trends in real estate is the home sauna.

From sauna kits to white glove delivery and installation, there are more options than ever before when selecting a sauna. Follow these quick and easy steps to make sure your home sauna is the perfect purchase!

1. Visit to see a wide variety of sauna options, features and benefits.

2. Decide upon your price range and aptitude. If you plan on doing some of the work it is possible to save money. If time is of the essence or you require customization then white glove delivery and installation is available. There is a plan for every budget!

3. Determine the type of sauna you need and where it will be located. If you intend to use a traditional steam sauna then special consideration for moisture must be planned in advance. Mold, mildew and electrical issues could potentially complicate the installation. On the other hand, dry infrared saunas are popular options which are easy to locate in almost any area and are energy efficient.

4. Call your local building permit department to make sure you will not need a permit and contract with appropriate electricians for any required wiring. Depending upon the size and type of sauna there may be different requirements in your area. In most cases, a traditional sauna will require more extensive preparation and installation resulting in increased cost. Dry infrared saunas are easily located and typically only require minimal electrical work resulting in decreased cost.



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