Installing A Steam Generator

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How do you install a steam generator?

Installing A Steam Generator

If you are putting in a steam room and have selected a steam generator from MrSteam, one of the points to take into consideration is how to install the steam generator. Here are some tips when putting your MrSteam generator into your steam room:

• Do not mount the generator inside the steam room (as it will get too hot) or outside (as it will get too cold). Common places to mount the generator are in a closet, vanity or cabinet, or insulated attic

• Make sure there is ample area around the generator for servicing and to access it if any parts need replaced; make sure you can get to both ends of the steam generator for service

• Provide protection for the steam line, safety valve, and drain valve, as they become hot during use

• Follow all MrSteam steam generator instructions when installing your generator



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