Outdoor Residential Saunas

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What should you think about when designing an outdoor sauna?

Outdoor Residential Saunas

Having a home sauna is convenient and relaxing. But what if you don't have the space for an indoor sauna, and don't want a portable sauna? An outdoor sauna from saunas.com is an excellent solution.

Outdoor home saunas, like those from Polar Sauna and Avalon Saunas, are tradition in Scandinavian countries, and combine the relaxation of a sauna with the beauty of the outdoors. An outdoor sauna from saunas.com can enhance your landscape and help you relax and de-tox at the same time.

If you want an outdoor sauna, you can purchase a pre-built sauna from a manufacturer like Catalina or Avalon; at saunas.com, outdoor saunas are available in a variety of designs.

When deciding on a design for your outdoor sauna, think about what kind of power will be available easily on your property, as you will need to power the sauna stove or heater. Wood, gas, or electric is standard, but make sure that it is legal to install an outbuilding by your home with one of these types of power.



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