The Size of Portable Saunas

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How big are portable saunas?

The Size of Portable Saunas

The best aspect of portable saunas, like the ones available at, is that they need very little room to use, making them a great choice for homes with limited space or apartments. But really how big are portable saunas? It depends on the kind of sauna you choose.

The Polar Sauna Two-Piece Portable Sauna has enough room for two bathers at a time and is 45” X 45” x 79”. The Polar Knockdown Sauna room is about the same size, at 45” 45” X 77” and can also accommodate two bathers. Compare these sizes to the smallest Polar Sauna prefabricated sauna kit, which is 48” X 48” X 79”.

The portable steam cabinet available on from Aroma Steam is smaller than the Polar Sauna portable saunas, measuring it at 43” in diameter X 66” in height. It will only accommodate one bather at a time.



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