How to Build a Dry Sauna

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How do you go about building a dry sauna?

How to Build a Dry Sauna

If you want to build your own dry sauna, you have several different options. You can design and build your dry sauna yourself or you can buy a pre-cut or pre-built sauna kit from a manufacturer like Arvo Saunas or Catalina Luxury Saunas and simply follow the directions to put together the sauna.

Regardless of if you are going to build a sauna yourself or buy a kit, make sure you decide how large to make the sauna, where you want it, and what kind of power source you want to use for your stove. Talk to a expert about design considerations for your dry sauna, and what option –pre-built or building your own – is right for you.

If you want to purchase a manufacturer's sauna kit, like a pre-cut sauna kit from Avalon, you need to give your measurements and the manufacturer will build the sauna to fit your specifications. Many sauna kits like the one from Avalon come with accessories, like wall lights and thermometers, and have optional upgrades, such as wall controls for the heater and windows.



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