Dry Sauna Etiquette, From The Swedes

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What is the protocol when using a dry sauna?

Dry Sauna Etiquette, From The Swedes

If you want to get the maximum sauna experience when using a dry sauna, you should sauna like the Swedes do, as they developed the dry sauna. Here are the steps you should take to sauna like a Swede:

• Remove all your clothes before entering the sauna
• Shower first to make sure the sauna stays clean
• Take a small towel into the sauna with you to sit on
• Sit on the upper bench (if there is one), as that's the preferred seat
• Put water on the bench to keep you from burning
• Take another shower if you want to cool down after your sauna
• Go back and forth between the shower and the sauna, to get the full benefit of the sauna heat
• Don't put your clothes back on until you are completely cool

There are several options for dry saunas available at saunas.com; you can select a standard sauna heater by a manufacturer like Polar Sauna or MrSauna and use it without water, or you can select an infrared sauna room from SaunaGen or the Caatu Series by Sauna Warehouse.



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