Infrared Sauna: A Dry Sauna Alternative

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What are alternatives to traditional dry saunas?

Infrared Sauna: A Dry Sauna Alternative

Dry saunas work in much the same way as wet saunas, but without the use of steam. Traditional dry saunas use wood, electric, or gas stoves that heat rocks, like heaters from MrSauna or Catalina Luxury Saunas, thereby heating the air as well.

If you want to use a dry sauna, but don't want to set up a traditional dry sauna heater and rocks, you can use infrared heat to heat your sauna. Infrared heat is a dry heat that mimics the sun's radiant heat without the UV rays that can burn your skin.

An infrared sauna is a completely dry heat, making the end sauna experience similar to that of a traditional dry sauna. carries several brands of infrared saunas, such as SaunaGen Infrared Sauna Rooms, Laatu Infrared Sauna Rooms from the Catalina Series by Sauna Warehouse, and Polar Infrared Sauna Rooms by Polar Sauna.



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