The Difference in Sauna Kits From Manufactures

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What are the different kinds of sauna kits from manufacturers?

The Difference in Sauna Kits From Manufactures

When looking to build a sauna, you may notice you have quite a few options. You can choose to build the sauna completely from scratch, you could buy a pre-cut sauna kit from a manufacturer such as Arvo Saunas or Polar Saunas, or you could choose a pre-built sauna from manufacturers such as The Caatu Series from Sauna Warehouse or Catalina Luxury Saunas. But what are the differences between these options?

A pre-built sauna is usually built to order, and is easy to put together and take apart, if need be. It is a good option for those sauna users who may want to take the sauna with them when they move. They will require some installation, and come with instructions and hardware for assembly.

A pre-cut sauna, on the other hand, comes in more pieces than a pre-built sauna and requires more attention to installation. More design and layout options are usually available with pre-cut saunas than with pre-built saunas, but they are built to be permanent and are not easy to move.



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