The Best Stones for a Hot-Rock Sauna

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What kind of stones should be used in a hot-rock sauna?

The Best Stones for a Hot-Rock Sauna

If you are building a sauna that uses hot rocks, you may need to select stones for your heater. Because of the stress the stones in a sauna are under by constantly being heated and cooled, regular stones will crack quickly. Therefore, select stones with care.

A good sauna stone must be heat resistant, odorless, crack-free, have good heat capacity, and have a rough surface to more quickly release steam. If you need to select your own stones for your heater, either look up the types of stones included with manufactured heaters or ask a sauna expert at

Good minerals to use for stones in the sauna are peridotite and olivine. If you purchase your heater from a sauna manufacturer, most will include the rocks or recommend good rocks to use. The Caatu Series by Sauna Warehouse features olivine stones, and Polar Sauna models include Vulcanite sauna stones.
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11/12/2011 5:12:17 PM said:

Quisiera saber si en lugar de utilizar Peridotita u Olivino en el sauna estas pudieran sustituirse por Granito, habida cuenta que este ultimo esta clasificado como Roca Ignea Plutonica.


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