How Sweating In A Sauna Improves Health

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How does sweating in a sauna improve health?

How Sweating In A Sauna Improves Health

Though most people don't enjoy sweating, it is essential to our health. Saunas help induce sweat in a controlled environment.

Sweating accomplishes three things for your body: rids the body of waste, regulates your core body temperature, and helps keep your skin clean and soft.

Due to more sedentary lives, synthetic environments such as air conditioning, smog, and antiperspirants, the opportunity to sweat has been greatly diminished.
In saunas and steam baths, the body is encouraged to sweat, helping rid skin and muscles of toxins and helping to increase overall health. A normal 15-minute sauna produces about 1 liter of sweat, ridding the body of heavy metals, dirt, and chemicals.



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