How Saunas Help Weight Control

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How do saunas help with weight control?

How Saunas Help Weight Control

One of the most common sauna benefits is weight control. Sweating away in a sauna after a hard workout may sound crazy, but doing helps the body burn a few extra calories, and helps the mind relax after strenuous exercise.

A sauna will heat your body and therefore raise your heartbeat and metabolism. When your metabolism is raised, your body burns calories quicker and more effectively. In a 20 minute sauna session, you can burn up to 300 calories – the same as a short jog or a long walk.

If weight control is a primary goal for you, consider a dry sauna, as it elevates your metabolism more than a wet sauna. You will burn calories quicker and in a shorter amount of time using a dry sauna.



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One tip talked about going into sauna first for greater ability stretching, etc, this one after/ any comments? 7/23/07


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