Selecting The Right Accessories For Your Sauna

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How can you select the best accessories for your sauna?

Selecting The Right Accessories For Your Sauna

Installing a home sauna can be a daunting task – you have to select the heater type, the size, the location, and myriad of other details. But once the sauna is in, you're finished making decisions, right? Sure – until you encounter the many different sauna accessories available.

How do you know what sauna accessories you need? Here are some guidelines on selecting the right sauna accessories for you.

• Use the sauna a while before going hog-wild on accessories. After you have your sauna installed, wait a little bit before buying a lot of crazy accessories. What do you find yourself needing in the sauna? A backrest? A towel rack? Jot down a list of accessories that you find yourself wanting as they come to you, then prioritize

• Choose function over form. Do you really need a $55 copper bucket, or would it just look nicer? If you're on a budget, try to choose the sauna accessories that will make your sauna experience more enjoyable –organizing accessories such as towel racks, or useful accessories such as light fixtures – rather than accessories that are purely for aesthetic reasons

• Read reviews and ask opinions. If you're looking for a specific kind of accessory, like a backrest or sauna cleaner, ask others who have saunas what they use and if they're satisfied. Go online and look for reviews of products to see what kinds of accessories rank well and tend to hold up



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