Folding Portable Saunas vs. Box Portable Saunas

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What is the difference between portable saunas and box saunas?

Folding Portable Saunas vs. Box Portable Saunas

There are two different kinds of portable saunas: box saunas, which resemble traditional sauna rooms, and tent-like saunas, usually made of vinyl and designed for one person. But what are the other differences between box and tent saunas?

If you have limited space, a tent sauna is probably best for you. Tent saunas are collapsible, and can be set up whenever and wherever you want, and taken down when you're done. They are also usually cheaper than box saunas as well, making them the better choice if your budget is limited.

Box saunas are a better choice if you are looking for a traditional sauna experience, with a full-sized room ideal for relaxation. Although considered “portable” because they don't require the plumbing set up and installation required of full sized saunas, they are not “portable” in the sense they can be moved or stored away on a daily basis. They can also be considerably more expensive than a tent sauna, which means they involve a larger investment.



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