What You Need In Your House For A Portable Sauna

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What do you need to run a portable sauna?

What You Need In Your House For A Portable Sauna

Portable saunas are perfect solutions for smaller homes or apartments, since they require less space than a traditional sauna. If you're thinking about purchasing a portable sauna, this is what you'll need:

• For a box-type portable sauna, you'll need dedicated space to set up the sauna. Box-type saunas are usually smaller than traditional saunas and are less intrusive to install
• For a tent-type sauna, you'll just need someplace you can set it up; since tent saunas can be easily assembled and collapsed, you don't need a dedicated space
• If your sauna uses steam, you may want to use it away from wood furniture or paneling to ensure the wood won't warp
• To run either a box sauna or a tent sauna, you'll need an electric source to plug them in.
• Read the manufacturer's directions on how much power the outlet needs to supply; some portable saunas require only standard 110-120 household outlets, whereas other saunas need more voltage



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