How Portable Saunas Work

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How do portable saunas work?

How Portable Saunas Work

Both box portable saunas and tent portable saunas use either steam heat or infrared heat to warm the body, giving full sauna benefits without the space commitment.

Tent saunas are usually made of vinyl and are truly "portable." The tent saunas usually have a bench that you can sit on and three holes in the zip-up exterior – one for your head and two for your arms. The tent sauna will either have a boiler on which you pour water to produce steam or have infrared lights inside.

Box saunas look more like traditional saunas and are usually made out of wood. They are large enough for one or more people to get into, and heat with either an infrared light or steam.

Both types of portable saunas require electricity to run either the sauna stove or the infrared light, so they have to be set up within reach of a power source. Different portable saunas also need varying amount of electricity, so make sure the power source is adequate for the sauna.



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