Sauna Body Cleansing

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How can I care for my skin in a sauan?

Sauna Body Cleansing

Sauna body cleansing takes place through the elimination of toxins and waste via sweat as well as the increased circulation and blood flow to the skin. Both will assist your overall health and help you look and feel better but the health benefits of sauna body cleansing on the skin are even more exceptional.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and of course, the very first thing that most people see. Smoking, sun exposure, aging and illness all reflect on the skin. To derive even more infrared sauna health benefits follow these quick easy steps to enhance your skin.

1. Shower before infrared heat therapy. Most people shower after a sauna but few people shower before a sauna. However, when skin is exposed to heat, the natural yeast of the body will grow more quickly. Showering before the sauna assures your skin is clean and fresh.

2. Hydrate. Drink plenty of water before and after the sauna. Your body will naturally eliminate fluids during a sauna which is beneficial to the detoxification and elimination of chemicals or toxins.

3. Moisturize. Unlike sunlight, infrared saunas do not tan or burn the skin, however, it is still a dry environment so use a moisturizer after completing your sauna.



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