Steam Rooms Vs. Saunas

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What is the difference between a steam room and a sauna?

Steam Rooms Vs. Saunas

Both steam rooms and saunas are associated with making the bather sweat, and various models of each are available at But what is the difference between the two?

• Steam rooms, like Scandia's Built-In Steam Rooms, only generate heat with steam. Saunas can use dry heat or infrared heat as well as steam to warm the body

• Steam rooms, like the E-100R by Scandia, are usually enclosed in glass, while saunas are usually made of wood.

• Steam rooms have an external steam generator, such as the models available at by MrSteam, while saunas usually have a stove located in the sauna that generates the heat, such as models available by Vico, Polar Sauna, and MrSauna

• The primary goal of steam rooms is to make the bather sweat for detoxification purposes. Saunas, especially those that use infrared or dry heat, have other goals such as muscle stimulation

• The environment inside a steam room is much wetter than the environment inside a sauna



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