Modular Steam Baths vs. Steam Showers

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What is the difference between modular steam rooms and steam showers?

Modular Steam Baths vs. Steam Showers

There are two different kinds of steam rooms you can have in your home to enjoy a steam bath. Here is an overview on the two different types:

Modular steam room. Modular steam rooms are dedicated steam rooms, installed for the sole purpose of steam baths. They can be installed in a bathroom, but they don't have to be; anywhere in the house that has proper insulation and space is fine for a steam bath. Most steam rooms come prefabricated from the manufacturer for easy installation. You will need to run plumbing to the steam generator for a modular steam bath.

Steam Showers. A steam shower is a type of shower, installed where a typical shower would be, that has steam capability. It takes up less room than a modular steam room, since it is installed where an existing shower is, but is usually smaller and less luxurious than a dedicated steam room.



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