Selecting A Sauna Stove

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How do you select a sauna stove?

Selecting A Sauna Stove

When selecting a sauna stove, you need to decide first off if you want a steam-capable sauna, or if a dry sauna is better for you. If you want a steam sauna, then you will need to select a steam sauna stove; the major difference between the types of stoves is how they are powered. If you want a dry sauna experience, you can pick an infrared sauna heater rather than a traditional sauna stove.

The different kinds of steam sauna stoves are wood, gas, and electric. You need to decide how you want to power your steam sauna stove, if a steam sauna is right for you. Here are the pros and cons of each type of power:

• Wood – has a wonderful aroma, but you must have available cut wood for the stove. Better for people who live in rural areas or have larger plots of land from which they can gather wood
• Electric – very common, as most people have electric hookups available in their homes. Clean and easy to use, but can make your electric bill go up with extensive sauna use
• Gas – most people also have gas lines, making gas another popular power choice. Installation can be trickier for gas, and precautions must be made against leaka



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