Sauna Detox for Newbies: What You Should Know

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Will infrared saunas burn my skin?

Sauna Detox for Newbies: What You Should Know

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a sauna but don't like the wet, moist and messy environment? You are in luck! New far infrared saunas provide the warmth and therapeutic benefits in a dry sauna environment. Now you can achieve a far infrared sauna detox without the mess.

Here is what you need to know about far infrared saunas:

1. Safety. Some fear far infrared heat because they think it may burn their skin, but far infrared saunas do not cause sunburn. In fact, far infrared heat is used in hospitals to warm newborn infants.

2. Hydrate and don't overheat. Far infrared saunas work by increasing your body temperature and assisting your body in the natural eliminating of toxins via sweat. Be sure to stay hydrated and do not allow yourself to overheat.

3. Discuss the health benefits of infrared sauna detox with your physician prior to beginning any program. If you suffer from headaches, fatigue, excess weight, vascular problems or other health impairments then an infrared sauna detox may be a beneficial regiment in your health care program.

4. Many use a far infrared sauna as a routine part of their health and fitness program with periodic detoxification sessions.

5. Infrared saunas are more affordable than you may think. Sunlight Saunas provide a complete line of versatile far infrared saunas for less than the annual cost of many health club memberships.



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