Sauna Detox Used to Treat 9/11 New York City Rescue Workers

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Can a sauna really assist in detoxification?

Sauna Detox Used to Treat 9/11 New York City Rescue Workers

By now every American remembers the tragic events of September 11, 2001 but one story that hasn't been told is the use of sauna detox to assist the New York city rescue workers. When the World Trade Center towers collapsed, the cloud of toxins included asbestos, benzene, dioxins, PCBs, fiberglass, mercury, lead, silicon and much more. Emergency workers were exposed to high levels of these hazardous chemicals far beyond what is typical; many for extended periods of time during the rescue and clean-up efforts.

Due to this excessive exposure to toxins and hazardous chemicals in such a short period of time, over 500 rescue workers underwent a unique sauna detox program in order to help rid their bodies of the contaminants and treat various health related issues.

According to research conducted on the sauna detox participants, use of medications significantly decreased after the use of detoxification, balance and reaction time improved. Most impressively, 100 percent of clients reported improvement in their perception of health.

One particularly impressive example included mercury detoxification. Mercury and lead were both found in very high concentrations among Ground Zero personnel along with corresponding health problems such as rashes, anxiety, blood pressure and headaches. A potentially serious heavy metal toxin, mercury can cause severe health problems if left untreated. According to research, the use of an infrared sauna in conjunction with other provisions assisted in the mercury detoxification process.

Fortunately, few people will ever experience the radical short term exposure to toxins and chemicals like those experienced by the New York City rescue workers but the lifetime accumulation of chemicals and toxins may still take a toll. As more people discover the health benefits to be derived from sauna detox, the popularity of infrared saunas have exploded. For more information on sauna detox or to explore the options available for your very own home sauna, visit



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