Carbon Saunas: Now for Home Use

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What makes a commercial sauna feel so good?

Carbon Saunas: Now for Home Use

The same technology that makes a commercial sauna so deeply relaxing is now available for use in your own home. Carbon saunas have been used worldwide for years but until recently, that technology wasn't available for the average home sauna owner.

Only Sunlight Saunas uses Solocarbon which has been clinically tested and shown to promote wellness for a wide variety of conditions including blood pressure, increased circulation, diabetes, muscle and joint pain plus more!

The difference between a normal infrared sauna and a infrared carbon sauna is the surface temperature. A carbon sauna operates as low as 100 F...far below the 160 to 180 degrees of a typical far infrared heater surface! Despite the lower surface temperatures, the heat covers a larger surface area and results in a higher core body temperature than other heaters!

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