Carbon Sauna Basics

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What is a carbon sauna?

Carbon Sauna Basics

You may not be familiar with a carbon sauna but once you understand the advantages then you will never see saunas in the same way again! A carbon sauna is a type of far infrared sauna that more effectively transmits heat. Typical far infrared sauna heaters operate at temperatures between 160 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit while a Solocarbon heater like that of the Sunlight Sauna line operate between 100 to 160 degrees. The heat goes directly to the source without wasted energy!

Another major difference between a carbon heater sauna compared to other infrared saunas is the total surface area covered. Ceramic heaters cover only a small portion of the surface area of a carbon sauna.

Finally, Solocarbon sauna heaters are assembled without wires. They are certified safe by many of the known regulatory and safety certification agencies and emit no unhealthy gases.



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