Building a Home Sauna is Easier Than You Think!

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Can I build my own home sauna?

Building a Home Sauna is Easier Than You Think!

If you love the warmth, health benefits and relaxation provided by a sauna then consider building your own home sauna. It's less expensive and easier than you may think!

Sunlight Saunas has several DIY sauna options to choose from, including the Signature III, which can be assembled start to finish in less than an hour without any tools! Don't believe it's possible? Take a look for yourself on their photo gallery of an Signature III home sauna installation online at

Building your own sauna takes a little planning but can be easily completed by two people. First, decide upon the size and type of sauna desired and where you will locate the sauna. The attractive designs and versatile sizes provide numerous options for the home sauna. Be sure to measure carefully and if you aren't sure, call to speak to a representative.

Once you order your home sauna or sauna kit then all you will need to do is unpack the pre-constructed panels and set each in the proper location. There is a magnet system to assist in holding each panel together until the connectors are put into place. All you need to do is stabilize each portion, insert the connectors and then plug it in! It's really that simple!



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