Home Sauna Checklist

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What should I look for when comparing saunas?

Home Sauna Checklist

Buying or building a home sauna is easier than ever but not all saunas are the same. Use this quick checklist to find the perfect home sauna for you.

1. Compare Total Surface Area. Available heating sources range from Sunlight Sauna's Infrared Solocarbon heaters to ceramic encased incoloy coils and rods; each is capable of covering different surface areas from a low of 12 square inches to 624 square inches. The greater the surface area the better.

2. Warm-up Time. One of the benefits of a home signature sauna is the ease and convenience of using it at any time of the day or night but much of that convenience is wasted if you must wait for your sauna to warm up! When shopping for a home sauna or sauna kit, be sure to compare warm-up times. A good range is 15 to 20 minutes whereas some can take as long as 45 minutes!

3. Stereo, TV and other optional items. Sauna design is not only attractive but home saunas and even sauna kits now come equipped with optional stereo music, DVD and even LCD displays.

4. Warranty: A good price may not be as attractive when you compare the quality and warranty information for various home saunas. For example, reputable sauna dealers like www.sunlightsaunas.com offer a lifetime warranty on heater, controls and cabinetry whereas other sauna dealers may offer as little as 1 year warranty on cabinets, three years on controls and only five years on the heater.



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