Sauna Kits and Construction

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What type of sauna kit is right for me?

Sauna Kits and Construction

Advances in saunas now allow more choices than ever in the selection, purchase, and installation of a home sauna. Sauna construction ranges from simple to very elaborate so a little advance planning can save time and money.

1. Decide upon the type of sauna construction that fits your needs best.

2. Determine the location and placement of the sauna. Do you want it to be permanent or removable? Large or small?

3. Finally, consider how much of the work you want to do yourself.

  • Modular saunas are pre-built saunas that require very little skill to assemble. Everything you need is sent in a package that is easily assembled into a pre-determined space. This is an ideal choice for those who desire to place a sauna in a section of the room or if you will need to take it apart and move it later. All of the wiring and other work is done for you so it is as simple as putting the pieces together.
  • Pre-cut sauna kits are another option for those interested in a DIY sauna. Typically the least expensive option, a sauna kit contains everything required for the sauna construction but more assembly is needed.
  • Full service sauna delivery and installation. Not handy or don't want to hassle with it? White glove sauna delivery and installation from Sunlight Saunas take care of everything for you. Simply select the desired sauna, available options and delivery date.



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