Sizing Considerations For Steam Generators

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What are sizing considerations for steam generators?

Sizing Considerations For Steam Generators

When selecting your MrSteam steam generator from, size matters; you need a larger generator for larger steam rooms. Another consideration is the materials from which the steam room has been constructed – if you use a construction material that allows for greater heat loss, you will need a larger generator.

Take the following into consideration when selecting a MrSteam steam generator:

• What is your steam room made of? Fiberglass, acrylic, and cultured marble require a smaller generator than porcelain tile on cement board, for example

• Is the steam room next to an exterior wall? If so, a larger generator, may be necessary, like a MS-300 or MS-400

• How large is your steam room? Different generators will cover different amounts of cubic feet. Make sure to measure your steam room accurately to figure out the cubic feet when selecting your generator also offers a steam generator sizing calculator that will help you determine what size you need for your MrSteam generator.



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