Different Kinds Of Residential Saunas

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What are the different kinds of residential saunas?

Different Kinds Of Residential Saunas

If you want a home sauna, you have several different options from saunas.com to consider. The following are some of the different types of home saunas:

• Portable home saunas: portable saunas from Polar Sauna are usually easy to install and easy to take down if you want to move them. Consider a portable sauna if you have limited space available for you sauna

• Home sauna kits: you can buy a prefabricated sauna kit from a manufacturer like Arvo, Avalon, or Catalina; kits range in size, look, and price. You will be responsible for installation of the kit, aided by manufacturer's instructions

• Pre-built sauna kits: you can have a pre-built sauna delivered right to your door from Avalon, Polar Sauna, or other sauna manufacturers

• Custom home saunas: you can have a custom sauna designed specifically for your home by Avalon, Polar Sauna, the Caatu Series by Sauna Warehouse, or Catalina. You can select the size, materials, and heater yourself, making a custom sauna a good choice if you have specific size or design requirements

• Home steam rooms: you can have a steam room from Aroma Steam or Scandia Health Systems installed in your house rather than a sauna. Steam rooms often are installed in conjunction with a shower, saving space and money



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