How To Select A Manufacturer For Your Residential Sauna

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Who are manufacturers for residential sauna?

How To Select A Manufacturer For Your Residential Sauna

If you have decided you want a pre-fabricated home sauna kit or a custom home sauna from a manufacturer, you will need to decide what manufacturer to purchase from. offers many models from several different manufacturers of saunas. Browse these manufacturers to see what is right for your home sauna:

• Polar Sauna – Polar Sauna offers a wide range of sauna models, from small, portable sauna rooms to larger outdoor models. They also offer pre-cut and pre-built sauna kits with a range of amenities you can add

• Avalon Quality Saunas – Avalon offers pre-built sauna rooms, pre-cut sauna kits, and outdoor saunas

• Arvo – Arvo offers pre-cut sauna kits at value prices, made in the Finnish tradition

• The Caatu Series from Sauna Warehouse – the Caatu Series offers pre-cut sauna kits, pre-built saunas, outdoor saunas, and custom saunas

• MrSauna – MrSauna offers pre-built luxury designer sauna rooms to go with modern decor



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