Far Infrared Residential Saunas

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What are far infrared residential saunas?

Far Infrared Residential Saunas

One option for a residential sauna from saunas.com is to install a far infrared sauna room from Polar Sauna, SaunaGen, or the Caatu Series from Sauna Warehouse. Far infrared sauna rooms use far infrared technology to warm the body, stimulating muscles and tissues and helping with chronic pain and other medical conditions.

Far infrared residential saunas look much like traditional sauna rooms, but don't use steam. Different models available at saunas.com can accommodate from one to several bathers, and come in many different design formats.

If you are interested in infrared sauna and would like to install one at your home, talk to the experts at saunas.com to see what model is best for you.



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