Portable Sauna Health Benefits

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What are the benefits of a portable sauna?

Portable Sauna Health Benefits

Portable saunas from Polar Sauna offer all the benefits of traditional, full-sized saunas. Portable saunas offer the following types of medical and personal benefits:

• Stress relief. Portable steam saunas or portable steam rooms can be helpful in reducing stress, by relaxing the muscles and providing a calm environment
• Detoxification. The heat in saunas causes you to sweat, which helps rid the body of impurities such as heavy metal and environmental toxins
• Skin rejuvenation. The sweat resulting from sauna usage opens and cleanses pores, making skin softer, younger, and glowing
• Muscle stimulation. Heat from saunas stimulates muscles, helping with pain from afflictions such as arthritis, muscle injuries, and stress



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