Portable Steam Rooms

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What is a portable steam room?

Portable Steam Rooms

Saunas.com offers portable steam cabinets from Aroma Steam to give you the option to enjoy a steam bath in a smaller space and at a smaller price than other portable saunas.

The steam rooms available from Aroma Steam are compact, making them ideal to fit in apartments or houses with less space. They accommodate one bather at a time, and are easy to set up and take down.

Even though the portable steam cabinets are smaller and more affordable, however, Aroma Steam ha not skimped on luxury. The cabinet come with a remote control for easy adjustment, an easy-to-read display panel, and aromatherapy oils for use with the aromatherapy component.

Consider a portable steam cabinet by Aroma Steam if you want the benefits of a steam bath in a smaller, more portable space.



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