How Portable Saunas Work

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How do portable saunas work?

How Portable Saunas Work

The portable saunas available from by Polar Sauna use steam heat to warm the body, giving full sauna benefits without the space commitment.

Both the Polar Portable Knockdown Sauna Room and the Polar Two-Piece Portable Sauna look like traditional saunas and are made out of wood. They are large enough for one or more people to get into, and heat with traditional steam heaters and heated rocks.

Both models are easy to assemble; just set up, plug in, and you're ready to enjoy your sauna. The Two-Piece model is the easiest to assemble, whereas the Portable Knockdown Sauna Room takes a little more in the way of installation. Both types of saunas are excellent, though, if you want a small sauna without a lot of installation hassle.



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