What Makes A Sauna Portable

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What are portable saunas?

What Makes A Sauna Portable

A portable sauna gives you all the benefits of a full-sized sauna, but without the space dedication a full-sized sauna requires. Saunas.com offers both portable saunas by Polar Sauna and portable steam rooms by Aroma Steam. The Polar saunas offer traditional steam heat, and the Aroma Steam heat the sauna user with steam room technology.

The Polar Two-Piece Portable Sauna and the Polar knockdown sauna are constructed from prefabricated kits, and are portable in the sense that they can be taken down and reassembled if you decide to change the sauna's location or if you move. They can be assembled relatively quickly, but they are not made to move around frequently.

Both the Polar portable saunas and the Aroma Steam steam rooms are a good option if you have limited space but still want all the benefits of a home sauna.



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