Cost of an Infrared Sauna

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How much do infrared saunas cost?

Cost of an Infrared Sauna

The infrared saunas at by Polar Sauna, SaunaGen, and the Caatu Series by Sauna Warehouse are competitively priced and available for a wide range of budgets.

The price for your infrared sauna room will depend on several factors, such as how large you want it to be and what type of layout you want. The Polar Sauna infrared rooms, for example, come in single tier, L-shaped, and U-shaped layouts, accommodating anywhere from a single sauna users to several at a time.

Larger infrared rooms will have more heaters; for example, a U-shaped infrared room from Polar Sauna, which can accommodate up to four bathers, has 13 heaters. The more heaters, the higher the voltage you will need to hook up the sauna; a 13-heater sauna requires a 240 volt hookup.

Talk to the experts at to find an infrared sauna to fit just your budget and your lifestyle. You can call for pricing at 800-906-2242.



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