Wet Saunas vs. Dry Saunas

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What are the differences between wet saunas and dry saunas?

Wet Saunas vs. Dry Saunas

Although a wet sauna sounds like a steam room, whereas a dry sauna sounds like a room with blazing heat, the two types of saunas are actually very similar.

Both types of saunas use a heater (gas, electric, or wood) with volcanic stones, from manufacturers such as Avalon, Catalina Luxury Saunas, Tylo, and MrSauna. However, in a wet sauna, water is poured over the rocks to produce steam, whereas in a dry sauna, no water is added – and no steam is generated.

One major difference between a wet sauna and a dry sauna is the temperature necessary in both types of saunas to produce a beneficial experience. Humid air more effectively transmits heat, so the temperature in a wet sauna is lower than the temperature in a dry sauna. Dry sauna temperatures can approach 200 degrees Fahrenheit; because the heat is so dry, however, the bather's sweat evaporates quickly. Browse saunas.com to get an idea about which kind of heater would be right for your dry sauna.



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