Considering Refurbished Materials For Your Sauna

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Can you use refurbished materials when building your sauna

Considering Refurbished Materials For Your Sauna

When building a sauna, you can use materials that you buy from a local hardware store, or build it from a sauna kit from a manufacturer, such as Polar Sauna, MrSauna, or Arvo Saunas -- all available at Another option when building a sauna is to use refurbished or reclaimed materials in your sauna.

There are many places you can purchase reclaimed wood which would be perfect for your sauna. Some lumberyards specialize in reclaimed wood, and other companies sell it exclusively. You may also know someone who has wood available for your use.

You can be creative with the other materials that go into your sauna, as well. For example, one creative person who built a sauna used a beer keg to hold the heated water for the steam, and “shingled” the sauna with old license plates. He used reclaimed engine pistons for towel hangers, and he found the stovepipe that vented the sauna on the side of the road. He made the awning on the sauna from an old Chevy truck.

If you use refurbished materials, make sure your stove is safe and you are using appropriate materials; just because the sauna is “recycled” you need to pay attention to building standards and safety.



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