What You Need For The Perfect, Five-Star Sauna, Part 1

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What are the aspects of a five star sauna, part 1

What You Need For The Perfect, Five-Star Sauna, Part 1

A Finnish sauna architect has developed a system of ratings saunas, from one to five stars. A five-star sauna is considered the highest rating for any sauna. If you are interested in building the most luxurious sauna you can, incorporate some of these five-star criteria. Or, consider purchasing a Catalina Luxury Sauna from saunas.com, which includes many of the five-star features.

• Face west, so it has a view of the setting sun
• Be in a separate building or wing of a house, so the sauna should be properly isolated so as not to interfere with those living in the house
• Have its own entrance with easy access to outside, so the user can easily take a swim or enjoy the snow
• Be at least 350 cubic feet, large enough for multiple bathers and does not make the users claustrophobic
• Have two showers so multiple bathers can shower at the same time
• Have a large dressing room, giving multiple bathers room to dress and undress
• Have a separate bathroom, so the sauna users aren't disturbed by the noises in the bathroom
• Have a window, for atmosphere
• Have two heaters, one electric heater for everyday use, and one a wood stove for holidays and special occasions

If you want a five-star sauna but aren't sure how to go about the design, consider designing a custom sauna with the aid of a manufacturer like Polar Sauna or Catalina Luxury Saunas.



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