Design Considerations For Building Your Own Sauna

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What design features should you take into consideration when building a sauna?

Design Considerations For Building Your Own Sauna

Building your own sauna can be an enjoyable experience. You should keep the following design considerations in mind when you are designing and building your sauna:

• How large do you want your sauna? How many people should it accommodate?
• How large do you want your heater or stove to be, and how much are you willing to spend on it?
• Do you want any additional rooms, like a shower or changing area?
• Do you want to build from a prefabricated kit, or do you want to gather your materials yourself?
• Where do you want the sauna? Should it be indoors, or out?
• Is your electric power in the area you're building adequate and up to code?
• What kind of wood do you want to use? Is it appropriate?

To get ideas for your design, talk to an expert at and review the products available there; look at pictures on the site to see what you like.



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