Installing A Modular Steam Bath

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How do you install a modular steam bath?

Installing A Modular Steam Bath

If you have decided you want to install a modular steam room in your house, there are a few points you should keep in mind when you are installing.

• Make sure the room you select for the steam room is properly insulated. Steam is very permeating, and if it gets into your home construction, it can case damage.
• Select the appropriate steam generator. You'll need to select and install a steam generator to power your steam room. Know the size of your steam room and the construction materials to select an appropriate generator.
• Make sure the steam room is sealed. You don't want steam getting out of the steam room and diffusing throughout the room the steam room is in, so make sure the underlying materials of the steam room are waterproof and the seal on the door or doors is very tight.
• Follow manufacturer's instructions. Make sure that you receive installation instructions from the manufacturer of your steam room and carefully read and follow them.



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