Installing A Steam Shower

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How do you install a steam shower?

Installing A Steam Shower

When installing a steam shower, there are a couple important points to keep in mind.

• Install the steam shower in a room that is prepared for the excessive amount of steam. A poorly insulated room will not tolerate steam well, and the steam could damage your house's construction
• Install the doors of the shower to prevent the steam from escaping. Use waterproof materials for the structural materials, and install an underlying vapor barrier of plastic. Waterproof any sheet-rock or plaster
• Install so condensed water won't drip on the bathers. With all the steam generated by a steam shower, there will be condensation. If condensation drips on the bathers, however, it could ruin their steam experience
• Make sure the water can drain. It is essential that the water drains cleanly and completely out of the steam shower, or damage and mildew can result



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