The Different Kinds of Sauna Heaters

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What are the different kinds of sauna heaters?

The Different Kinds of Sauna Heaters

When building or designing a sauna, one of the most important pieces of sauna equipment you'll select is the sauna heater. There are many different kinds of heaters to choose from; knowing how each one works and researching the types will help you pick which one is right for you.

Here is an overview of the various types of sauna heaters:
• Traditional – The traditional sauna heater is comprised of a stove covered with hot rocks. The bather can pour water over the rocks to enjoy a “wet” sauna, or leave the rocks dry and enjoy a “dry” sauna. Wet saunas originated in Finland many years ago
• Steam – Steam heaters are traditional in steam rooms, and are somewhat different than sauna heaters. Whereas a sauna heater generates steam by pouring water over hot rocks, steam generators produce heat only through steam. Some people prefer this kind of sauna because the heat is more “gentle”
• Infrared – Infrared heaters are the most modern sauna development. Infrared heaters heat the sauna room through radiant heat, similar to the sun's, but without the UV rays. The temperature in an infrared sauna is usually lower than with a traditional or steam heater



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