Towel Warmers For Your Sauna

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What types of towel warmers are available for your sauna?

Towel Warmers For Your Sauna

One sauna accessory that may be a luxurious and useful purchase is a towel warmer. If you step out of the toasty-warm sauna, even room-temperature air is going to feel pretty chilly – until you wrap yourself in a nice, pre-warmed towel.

If you have an outdoor sauna, a towel warmer may be a necessity; getting out of the sauna in the dead of winter or in chilly night air will be much more pleasant if you have a warm towel to cozy up in.

Towel warmers come in a variety of types and sizes. Some look like medicine cabinets, with a mirrored door concealing the warming chamber. Some towel warmers, built exclusively for outdoor use, look like a closet and can warm not only towels, but robes and clothes as well.

Other towel warmers look like simple towel racks, but are heated with either electricity or hot water. They can be mounted on the wall outside your sauna and have your towel nice and warm for when you emerge.



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