Picking A Sauna Thermometer

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How do you pick a sauna thermometer?

Picking A Sauna Thermometer

There are many types of sauna thermometers you can purchase as a home sauna accessory. But which is the right one for you?

The difference between sauna thermometers is largely aesthetic; there are old-fashioned looking thermometers that use a dial, contemporary thermometers in metallic finishes, and digital thermometers that also have timers and other readout capabilities.

Often, sauna thermometers are combined with hygrometers, which measure the relative humidity of the air. If you have a steam sauna, a hygrometer may be a useful instrument, telling you if the humidity is low or high and showing when you should add water to the stove.

To pick the right thermometer for you, choose what you want out of your thermometer (should it read Fahrenheit and Celsius both, or is just one okay?) and what kind will look the best in your sauna. Also consider your budget, as you can choose to spend as little or as much as you want on a thermometer.



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