Organization In The Sauna

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How can you use accessories to say organized in the sauna?

Organization In The Sauna

There are many sauna accessories that you can buy that will help you stay organized while enjoying your sauna. Rather than having towels lying around and having to find a place for your personal items, such as jewelry, consider a sauna accessory or two to help you keep track of all your belongings.

Towel racks come in many shapes and sizes. Consider a towel rack made of a wood that matches the wood in your sauna for a unified look. Many towel racks will hold multiple towels, so multiple bathers can keep track of their things.

A sauna nose is a small wooden “pouch” that hangs on the wall where you can stash jewelry, change, and bracelets. The “nose” part can be used as a peg that you can hang your towel over.

Sauna essence racks can be fastened to the wall to hold your various essential oils for your aromatherapy saunas. You can keep the small bottles on hand easily to “spice up” your sauna experience.



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