Accessories To Enhance Your Sauna Experience

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What kind of accessories are available to enhance your sauna experience?

Accessories To Enhance Your Sauna Experience

There are many accessories available online and in stores that sell saunas to enhance your sauna experience. Here is a quick overview of some of these sauna accessories:

• Sauna lights – regular light fixtures should not be used in a sauna, as they are not heat-resistant enough. You can purchase lights designed especially for a sauna, with heat- and steam-resistant glass, to add some light to your sauna

• Towel racks – there are a variety of towel racks available for use with or in your sauna. Sauna towel racks can be anything from a simple bar that the towels sling over to fancy towel-heaters that make your towels toasty warm before use

• Sauna essences – there are various essential oils you can buy that can enhance your sauna experience, and organizers and racks for the essences

• Sauna brushes and sponges – you can purchase special brushes and sponges for use specifically in a sauna. The brushes and sponges are designed to scrub your skin, exfoliating dead skin sells and making your skin glow

• Sauna buckets and ladles – to pour water over hot rocks in the sauna, any bucket will do; but why use any bucket? There are a whole host of decorative buckets and ladles you can buy for your sauna, made of everything from wood to plastic



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